Monday 20th January

Creamy mushroom soup l,g


Chicken with sage, roasted beetroots and goat cheese crème vl,g


Meatballs, dark mustard sauce and creamy potatoes l,g

Vegetable-bean croquettes and herb mayonnaise v,g

Ham-champignon pizza l 13,90€



Tuesday 21st January

Broccoli soup l,g

Glazed long braised pork neck and coriander rice m,g

Fish patty l, roasted dill potatoes l,g and lemon spiced créme fraîche  l,g

Vegetable spring rolls m and sweet&sour sauce v,g

Chicken-chilli pizza l 13,90€

Wednesday 22th January

Chicken tom yam soup l,g

Traditional potato hash, pickles and beet root l,g


Lemon chicken l,g and ratatouille m,g


Soy Bolognese v


Feta-bell pepper pizza l 13,90€



Thursday 23th January

Roasted garlic soup l,g

Satay beef m,g,nuts and roasted ginger rice v,g

Tuna pasta l

Tofu-paksoy stew v,g

Parma ham-rocket pizza l 13,90€

Friday 24th January

Fennel-orange soup l,g


Lamb curry m,g, lime spiced vegetables v,g and cucumber yoghurt l,g

Chicken schnitzel l, mashed potatoes with herbs l,g and chilli mayonnaise m,g


Carrot patty and cucumber yoghurt v,g


Salami pizza l 13,90€